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Mod: Mutant Creatures

Mod: Mutant Creatures



Each mod brings something interesting: new features, mobs or items. Especially interesting are those additions that make significant changes to the appearance of ordinary mobs and change behavior. For example, the Mutant Creatures mod adds new mutant creatures based on classic Minecraft mobs. The game will become much more difficult as mobs mutate, becoming stronger and gaining immunity from dropping or falling.


Zombies and cadavers

Both types of mobs will become many times larger, stronger and faster. As soon as the mob goes into a knockout, it rises again after a while. In addition to standard attacks, zombies and cadavers are able to summon minions – wards who will fight on their side for 20 seconds. To kill, you will need to burn mobs after knockout. Health: 150 hearts.

Climbing and rotting zombies

Two types of zombies that were part of Minecraft Earth. They don’t have any special skills, but they hit the head pretty well. Rotting zombies throw poisoned flesh, and climbers know how to climb walls.


Creepy creepers will become even scarier: mobs got four legs and an extremely elongated neck. Now the creatures are more like spiders with creeper textures. If you managed to beat the creeper and leave few health units, then rather run away – a large-scale explosion will follow. The power will not only become higher, but the creepers themselves will not receive damage from other creepers. Previously, the creeper family was afraid of ocelots, but now the cats will get paid. Health: 120 hearts.

Skeletons and zymogors

If you don’t like skeletons, you won’t love them any more now. The updated mobs will shoot at players with wolf-driven arrows, and when you reach stage 2 (after getting knocked out), try to stay away – the arrows will be with TNT. Health: 160 hearts.

Skeleton Desiccant

Mob has never been more intimidating than in this expansion. A huge sword that can slay anyone, and two stages of battle, where the mob surpasses any skeleton or zymogor. Moreover, mobs are able to walk on lava. Health: 160 hearts.

Piglin and the cruel piglin

They will be neutral, only if the user has a golden armor. If you give them a block of gold or a gold bar, you can get something more. But all this does not work with cruel piglins. Health: 150 hearts.

Zombie Pigman

These mobs were so a big danger in the Lower World – hordes of zombies quickly killed users. So try not to hit the mutated zombie pigmen, because it’s not just dangerous: it’s deadly. If you still kill the mob, you can get a lot of gold and nuggets, as well as rotten flesh. Creatures are able to summon helpers. Health: 150 units.

Snow Golem

An enhanced version of the friendly creature. He can not only leave snow trails, but is also able to turn water into ice. At the same time, the mob will throw ice blocks at enemies. After taming, he will not only become a security guard, but also become an excellent transport. You can use scissors to remove the pumpkin. Health: 80 units.

The Iron Golem

Reminds me of Varden. It will not spawn naturally. He can defeat several mutants on his own. You can ride up to two players.


They beat their tails hard and live in Lush caves.

Axolotl Edges

Spawns in the Edge dimension and is not afraid of water. Loves the fruit of horus.


Quite a rare mob because of its strength. Spawn: jungles, lush caves and winter biomes depending on the species. Single-handedly kills most mutants.


Animals have become much bigger and stronger, which means users have received an even more powerful companion. After taming, wolves can be ridden in the same way as horses. Use dyes to decorate mobs. Wild wolf health: 80 hearts. Tamed wolf’s health: 130 hearts.

Zombie Wolf

A creepy creature. It differs from the usual place of residence and extreme hostility. You can only find the monster in the Lower World. It will be extremely difficult to get such a pet, but it is quite possible. Health: 80 hearts.

The Swineherd

A mixture of an ordinary pig and a spider. Don’t ask how it happened. As soon as the mob crosses views with the victim, it will start to let the web so that the target does not escape. In this case, any spider or pig will mutate. Health: 50 hearts.

The drowned man

In the water, the player’s abilities become much worse, and with the advent of new types of drowned people, entry into the water is practically prohibited. In addition to extremely fast movement on the water, mobs will use a powerful trident both in a long-range attack and in a close one. Try not to die from the summoned creatures. Health: 150 hearts.


The mob itself was becoming a problem, but now it is the most powerful monster, not counting bosses. The new enderman is able to stop even the rain, clone himself and stun the enemy with a shout, imposing weakness. The only thing that will save you is a pumpkin on your head. Health: 200 hearts.

Mutation Potion

Now, with a 50% chance, you can turn an ordinary mob into a mutant. The potion can be prepared both with the help of ordinary crafting, and in the cooking rack.

Hammer of the Hulk

  • It is possible to attack at a distance across the area (while losing strength)
  • Slow attacks on mobs will repair the tool
  • Drop with a zombie mutant

Creeper Egg

  • Appears when the creeper explodes
  • When the egg is destroyed, a fragment of the creeper may fall out
  • Before the hatching of a small creeper, you need to wait 10-12 minutes
  • Lightning can speed up hatching twice

Mutant Spawn switching

  • When you disable natural spawn (first screenshot), only neutral mobs will appear — Axolotl Edge and Swineherd

  • A similar feature is available in the pocket version

Easter eggs

  • The author has included many interesting things for research

Changes in the new version

  • New mobs
  • Added abilities
  • Balanced mobs
  • Fixed bugs

Download mod Mutant Creatures (.mcaddon)


[10.88 Mb]

Download mod Mutant Creatures (for Windows) (.mcaddon)


[10.87 Mb]

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