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Mod: Lance Furniture

Mod: Lance Furniture



The Lance Furniture mod includes highly detailed furniture in the Minecraft world. It is impossible to imagine a cozy and comfortable house without beautiful and comfortable furniture. The game developers are not in a hurry with the introduction of furniture, so players have to cope by themselves. Some try to create furniture using standard blocks, while others use add-ons. The addon will add a computer, a coffee maker, a telephone, an audio system, an entertainment system, a sofa and a blender that will fill the interior of each house. The main emphasis when creating items was on detailing.

The developer informs that work on the add-on is still underway. Versions will be updated and new items will be introduced.

Improved security camera system

  • They will allow you to monitor your possessions

Coffee maker

First, fill the coffee maker with cocoa beans. After that, you need to craft a quartz mug and interact with the object to get a cup of delicious coffee.


Interact with the microwave while holding raw beef in your hands. In three seconds you will get delicious meat that will fill your hunger strip.


You’ve probably already guessed how to get toasts: first, cut the bread into flat slices so that it is better fried. After that, we interact with the toaster to get delicious, fried bread.

Ceiling fan

Fills the room with light if you click on an object. If you click on the object using the sneak button, the fan will turn on.

Portable speaker

Listen to music with this item. Use a long press to switch the music, or a long press and the sneak button to put the previous song. The music package can be downloaded below.


The most complicated device in this case. While there is a bug, because of which it is impossible to craft a TV. But it can still be obtained through creative inventory. 4 channels are available.

Waffle Iron

Bake waffles!

Hidden camera

A new surveillance system that allows you to place up to 20 cameras in the house. In order to observe these cameras, you need to install a monitor. Through the monitor, you can look into each camera and see what is happening in the rooms.

Crafting Recipes

Furniture Crafting table

First, this item is created, which will become a kind of workbench.

Stainless steel

The item is used to create a table for crafting furniture.





A microwave

Coffee maker

Gaming chair

A laptop

Small table

Portable speaker

Ceiling fan

Waffle Iron

After you get the project of the item (in a blue background, according to the recipes presented above), you need to use them on the table for crafting furniture.

Changes in the new version

  • Added a new tracking system

Download mod Lance Furniture (.mcaddon)


[38.01 Mb]

Download music for the speaker (first option) (.mcpack)


[32.32 Mb]

Download music for the speaker (second option) (.mcpack)


[40.02 Mb]

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