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Mod: Fantasy mobs



Everyone wants their own dragon, which would breathe fire, burn all enemies and let them fly astride themselves. The Expansive Fantasy mod gives such an opportunity: the player can become a real dragon master. Make friends with a powerful dragon, on which you will conquer the heights of heaven, travel to distant lands and destroy the most dangerous enemies. Become one with your dragon and crush everything in your path in Minecraft Bedrock. There are enough hostile mobs here, so let’s get down to the description.


Extremely dangerous hostile mobs that have received four texture options. You can meet such dragons on extreme hills.


There are three kinds of creatures similar to dragons. Each species characterizes the element of the mob: the fire element is a red wyvern, the ice element is a blue wyvern, the poisonous element is a green wyvern. Do not approach creatures without proper training in the form of strong armor and powerful weapons.

After killing a wyvern or a dragon, a dead body will lie on the ground. To get a drop from a dead body, you will need a special axe falling from an orc. When using such a tool, you can get a dragon or wyvern egg with a 50% probability.

Eggs are hatched only on special blocks. You will have to wait five days in the game for the dragon to hatch.

A wyvern egg only needs three days before hatching.

The dragon or wyvern is tamed with the help of salmon.

Slowly the mob will grow. Salmon is also used for acceleration.

Mobs love chickens, so keep the dragons on a leash. Then the animals will sleep most of the time.

Players were asked to make mechanics so that they could ride small dragons. The developer did something different: now the little dragons will ride on the shoulder of the player.

Adult dragons can be ridden. To do this, you need a saddle.

Dragons are extremely naughty animals. Without a saddle and a leash, they will attack everything that moves. Therefore, use a leash so that the mob follows only the user. Sleepy dragons do not ride, and to wake up, put the saddle on your back. Any raw food is used to treat powerful creatures. The golden apple allows you to create a young child from two adults. The dragons will lay an egg, from which an untamed beast will hatch.

During the flight, look at the dragon’s body and press the button to float in the air.

Press the button that appears so that the dragon starts flying again.

After landing, press the button that appears to start looking around.

After that, another button will appear, clicking on which will allow you to fly again.

Look up to fly up, and vice versa.

To attack with fireballs, you need to hold a fire rod in your hand and use it on a dragon in Minecraft.

2-4 seconds to aim, and then the dragon released a powerful stream.




Important mobs are being upgraded, as useful items will drop from them. Mobs exist in three types. Neutral orcs will spawn underground. To start trading with the green giants, it is necessary to throw raw fish in front of them. You can buy a diamond pickaxe and an Orc axe from mobs, which was mentioned above.

Another type of orc is a follower who spawns with a sword in any location. At the death of such an orc, a special sword will fall out, which can be improved in the stone cutter. Extremely dangerous and aggressive.

The most dangerous orc is the captain of the Orcs, who also appears everywhere. The most dangerous enemy, spawning on the destroyer and leading two orc followers. At death, an axe always falls out.

Video with orcs

Sea Serpent

The developers have improved the behavior of the mob and added two types of artificial intelligence at once. When the boss dies, the player will receive special items.

The Sea devil

The second most important mob, because without his death it is impossible to start trading with orcs. At the death of the sea devil, the fish that the green giants crave so much falls out.

Dragon Forge

Many types of weapons and armor will be created here according to the recipes that can be found below. To remove an item, use a combination of the sneak and delete buttons.

Scorched Lands

Fire wyverns will spawn in this mountain biome.

Frostbitten biome

Ice wyverns appear here.

Toxic biome

Venomous wyverns spawn here

Crafting a Dragon Saddle

Crafting Fire Dragon Armor

Crafting Ice Dragon Armor

Crafting Poisonous Dragon Armor

Crafting Fire Wyvern Armor

Crafting Ice Wyvern Armor

Crafting Venomous Wyvern Armor


A friendly mob and a big fan of sleeping. Mob appears on plains or in savannas. The chance of spawn is small, so it will not be easy to meet a horse with wings. Pegasus will avoid users, so it is necessary to sneak to approach the animal. Occasionally, feathers fall from pegasus, but not at death. To do this, it is important that the horses do not sleep: wake them up by sneaking around. Golden carrots are used for taming.

Please note that after taming the horses, they will not drop feathers, but the player will be able to fly on pegasus, equipped with a saddle. The possibility of equipping a chest to transport items is available. We already know how to fly: we look up and go up, we look down and go down.


Pegasus wings will also be available so that the player can fly independently. You have already guessed why we recommended collecting feathers: wings are made of them in three colors. The flight time is limited – keep track of time, because you can easily fall from a great height and die. The author has died more than once during the wings test.

White Pegasus Wings

  • 8 pegasus feathers
  • 1 phantom membrane

Red Wings of Pegasus

  • 1 pegasus wings
  • 1 red dye

Black wings of Pegasus

  • 1 pegasus wings
  • 1 black dye

Item for removing wings

  • 1 cooked spider eye
  • 1 pearl of the edge

Ball of wings

  • 7 pegasus feathers
  • 1 pearl of the edge
  • 1 deceleration potion

Update with Griffins

Amazing creatures that resemble a mixture of a lion and an eagle. Mobs are extremely dangerous and are able to summon swift wind currents to deal with opponents. The flight speed of griffins is so high that you may not notice how quickly they land, grab prey and fly away. Players will be able to tame griffins and even ride them. Birds will be an excellent choice if you want a pet that will not freeze, melt and turn your house into ruins.

The creatures spawn in the mesa and plains. To tame griffins, a special meat called griffin food is used. To do this, you will first have to stun the animal, and then apply the meat. Below is a video on taming birds.

Deadly Spear

  • 1 stick
  • 1 wyvern claw

Spear of Code

  • 1 stick
  • 1 dragon claw

Mana Candy

  • 1 any kind of essence
  • 1 bucket of milk
  • 8 sugars


  • 1 leash
  • 1 stick
  • 3 iron ingots

Fire Stick

  • 1 fire essence
  • 2 sticks
  • 2 iron ingots

Ice Stick

  • 1 ice essence
  • 2 sticks
  • 2 iron ingots

The Poison Wand

  • 1 poisonous essence
  • 2 sticks
  • 2 iron ingots

Wind Stick

  • 1 wind essence
  • 2 sticks
  • 2 iron ingots

Griffin Wings

  • 1 phantom membrane
  • 8 griffin feathers

Gryphon food

  • 4 raw pork
  • 4 raw beef


A new item that is dropped from:

  • Dragons – Wind Essence
  • Fire Wyverns – Fire Essence
  • Ice Wyverns – Ice Essence
  • of Poisonous Wyverns – Poisonous Essence
  • Griffins – Wind Essence

Changes in the new version

  • Added compatibility with the Tinkers Legacy mod
  • Added compatibility with the Loot bag mod
  • Fixed a bug with duplicate items
  • Reduced the spawn rate of the Orc Captain
  • Fixed bugs with wyvern spawns

Download the mod Fantasy mobs


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