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Mod: 5 types of Lucky Blocks



If you collect builds with blocks of luck, then here is another instance – the Lucky Blocks mod. This time there will be not one lucky block, but five different types at once, each of which received its own set of random events in Minecraft. We remind you that when one of these blocks is destroyed, any kind of events can occur, starting from spawning monsters and ending with the appearance of large-scale structures.

In total, there will be seven variants of laciblocks. The block of failure almost always generates a bad event, and the block of luck is always a good one.


The block from which the mob will always spawn when breaking.


When destroying this type of blocks, a random structure will always appear.


Items fall out of these blocks.


Only items for battles come out of the block.

Dried lakiblock

The author even added a working fountain. To activate the structure, the player will have to throw an object into the water.

Crafting blocks

To get a good block of luck, use an experience potion per block.

To get a bad luck block, hit the block or kill the witch next to the lucky blocks.

To obtain a dried-up lakiblock, it is necessary to kill the desiccant skeleton.

Lucky blocks will appear all over the world and even in other worlds: in the Lower World and the Edge.

Now you can find the armor and the sword of luck.

All items are available in the creative inventory.

Update 3.3.0

To get all the blocks, use the /function give command. Use the /function lag command in case of errors.

Changes in the new version

  • Added special items
  • 10 new potions
  • Two New Year premdets
  • Added weapons and armor
  • Added a spawner mobo
  • Fixed bugs
Download Minecraft

Download the mod Lucky Blocks (.mcaddon)



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