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Download Minecraft PE APK for Android with a working xbox live account! In this version, we added potted Azalea variants, fixed 28 bugs and made 9 technical changes.

Not available for Android

For technical reasons, this update is not available for Android devices. But the multiplayer is still compatible with version

Azalea in a pot

The game has added options for Ordinary and Blooming azaleas in a pot.

Fixed bugs

Fixed 28 bugs. We have highlighted the main:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when the block was destroyed
  • Fixed the generation of diamond ore
  • Glowing lichen is now dropped only when using scissors
  • Frozen ice can be specified when using the commands
  • The text on the illuminated plates now has an outline, as in Java
  • Fixed bugs with a glowing ink bag
  • The player can no longer paint the text on the plates in Adventure mode
  • Underwater fog again depends on the biome
  • Villagers are now always picking pumpkins, regardless of the direction
  • Goats can now ram the player on blocks of slime and honey
  • The drop damage reduction for the goat is now the same as in Java
  • The Skull of a Desiccant skeleton no longer falls from Zimogor if it was killed by a Charged Creeper
  • Mining in Bastion now corresponds to Java
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to float in the air

Technical changes

The developers have made 9 technical changes. They are mainly related to the development of addons and testing of the game. You can find out more in the official list of changes.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
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