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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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Download Minecraft for Android: make friends with foxes and Arctic foxes, tame mushroom cows and appreciate the new command blocks!

What interesting things have been added in Minecraft PE

The long-awaited Minecraft PE has finally been released. Developers Mojang pleased users with a large number of innovations and functional moments.

Here appear and new mobs, and structural blocks, which will surely appeal to true builders. And also items that will give players new effects and opportunities. But all in order.


Most users of Minecraft always very welcome the appearance of new creatures in the game. Therefore, the appearance of mobs certainly did not go unnoticed and brought into the blocky world of interesting and useful characters.

Foxes and foxes

In the block world now appeared foxes. These cute and kind creatures will not harm Steve. On the contrary, they will be great partners and can even somewhere protect the players.

Most often these characters live in the cold snowy taiga or tundra of Minecraft

If you feed them berries, then it is not excluded the appearance of offspring, which will be immediately tamed friends of Steve and will accompany him everywhere.

If the foxes spawned in the snowy biome, they look like white foxes, in the colour of the location.

Brown Cow

The brown mushroom cow appears in Minecraft PE It has two shades: brown and red. On their backs grow mushrooms.

To turn a regular cow into a mushroom cow, you need a lightning strike. This can happen by accident, and you can also summon it on purpose with the command /summon lightning_bolt.

If you use the vegetation of these characters, you can get a very interesting item – suspicious stew. It can have many different effects.


For this innovation authors of Minecraft will certainly receive words of gratitude from fans of maps. New structural blocks will allow you to move your buildings not only on the map, but also on the necessary server.

If users use creative mode, then you can enter /give @s structure_block, then they will be able to get all the blocks. But here it is also necessary to enable experimentation.

New objects

In the version of Minecraft PE also appears such a useful object as the rose of desiccation. It has effects or will simply serve as a decoration.

By the way, from it you can make a stew or black dye.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
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