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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Beta version MCPE for Android. Get it for free



Download Minecraft for Android: experiment with the camera, use commands and rate the fixed bugs!

What interesting things have been added to Minecraft PE

Minecraft version makes great changes to the game. They are primarily related to corrections and adjustments that the Mojang developers have paid enough attention to.

Also great news will be the return of the camera to the blocky world and the creation of console commands.


The decision to return the camera to the game is another innovation from the studio developers. Not so long ago, it already existed in the game, then it was removed, and now it will reappear in Minecraft PE

Having no additional functionality, it appears in the game as a kind of pleasant element of the entourage.

And it will be possible to add it only through commands and in no other way.


The appearance of new special teams in Minecraft allows you to easily perform some actions.

For example, to summon particles that are now in no way related to specific creatures.

And in addition, there are 4 new commands that are related to command blocks, or to be more precise, with the delay function for the console.

Other additions

There have also been changes in some textures of Minecraft PE For example, sea grass is now no different from the one that exists in the PC version. A barrel can now be found in the inventory. The department and the cartographic table have got new tips.


In terms of mobs and other inhabitants of Minecraft, the authors have fixed some errors.

Now ordinary residents will easily find their way to their jobs. When the bells ring, merchants will not run away abruptly, and you will be able to complete the deal with them.

There are also some new sounds made by merchants and zombie inhabitants.

And the captain of the robber has the ability to impose a bad sign effect on the crafter, only at the moment of his murder.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
Download Minecraft Beta

Xbox + Servers

Version Beta

  • Working Xbox Live

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    Free login to your Xbox Live account is available. No restrictions.

  • Working servers without Xbox Live

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    To log in to the server, you no longer need to log in to your Xbox Live account. You can simply change your nickname and start the game on the server.


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  • Working Xbox Live

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    Free login to your Xbox Live account is available. No restrictions.


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