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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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Download Minecraft PE for Android: master the new trading process.

Interesting innovations in Minecraft PE

Developers continue to improve the game elements from the recent update.

Therefore, there are several important fixes in Minecraft that help stabilize all new items. It is worth highlighting the most important innovations of the beta version:

  • The crafting process has changed for such workshop blocks as the blacksmith’s and archer’s table;
  • when you receive achievements, a new animation with effects will pop up on the screen;
  • a message appeared announcing the imminent end of the raid;
  • The selected skins will now sync between different devices with the same account.


The trading system in Minecraft PE has changed a lot. Not only the panel with possible products has been updated, but also the interaction with residents.

If the player has achieved the achievement of the hero of the village, then all the villagers will kindly give you a discount.

In addition, residents will be able to gain experience. The more such experience a trader accumulates, the sooner he will raise his level.

In this case, the player will be able to enter into more agreements, as well as receive new deal options.

The number of products offered is gradually replenished if the merchant remains at his workplace in Minecraft

Cartographer’s desk

You can find a cartographer’s table in Minecraft PE near the master’s house. The block has an unusual appearance, and the texture shows an imitation of the map and coordinates.

You can create a machine yourself if you combine a little wood and a piece of paper.

The block is very useful if the user urgently needs to create his own canvas, or rename an already finished map to Minecraft

A whetstone

A whetstone is a solid block that is used in Minecraft PE to fix tools.

Put two broken objects inside the machine, and you will get one solid object with improved quality at the output.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
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