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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE



Download Minecraft PE for Android: get new achievements for exploits in the village.

Features of Minecraft PE

Minecraft is the fourth pre–build dedicated to the global addition with robbers. Therefore, all new items relate to raids and their participants.

The developers are improving the raid system in every possible way, changing the mechanics of monsters. Thanks to this, the competition between residents and malware becomes even more interesting!

In addition, the game now has a lot of new features that were previously available only in experimental mode. These are ordinary blocks, mobs, and workshop machines.

From now on, a traveling merchant will roam the map, and with him unusual lamas.

The Raid

As soon as the raid begins in Minecraft PE, you will hear characteristic sounds.

Residents will ring the bell, and loud horns will indicate the approach of robbers.

During the raid, players can save the inhabitants, or save themselves. In the first case, you will become the hero of the village, and in the second situation you will receive the stigma of trouble.

It is noteworthy that malware attacks are divided into several stages, in another way it is also called waves.

If you manage to defeat all the enemies, a notification will appear on the screen that the raid is over.


In addition to the two main achievements, Minecraft also has side achievements. All these novelties are connected with robbers.

It is worth highlighting the most interesting novelties:

  • to defeat the monster, it is necessary to defeat the ravager;
  • We were attacked – summon the malware to the map;
  • to raise the alarm, it is necessary to strike the bell as soon as the inhabitants arrive in the village;
  • this will not end well – challenge the leader of the robbers to battle and defeat him;
  • Lots of cats – make friends with 20 cats.

Patrol Leader

While the raid is in full swing, the leader of the robbers sits on the fortress and watches what is happening.

In Minecraft PE, a flag will always be set next to the main mob, and the leader has a destroyer as protection.

When the player approaches, the enemy begins to attack Steve with a bow. The character’s loot is monotonous – just experience and a flag.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
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