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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Beta version MCPE for Android. Get it for free



Download Minecraft PE for Android: get the title of hero of the village and become a favorite of the residents.

What’s interesting about Minecraft PE

There are more and more game elements in the sandbox. Thanks to this, the build of Minecraft turned out to be very rich and diverse.

Two master blocks have been added to the world, which were previously available only in experimental mode.

Sweet berries have also been generated, and itinerant merchants along with their loyal companions are now roaming the map.

The player will even be able to become a participant in the raid, help the residents in a difficult battle, or not interfere in the course of events. Your choice also affects the achievements that have become available in Minecraft PE

Another important innovation is the /mobevent command. This value allows you to disable game events if you do not want to participate in raids.

The hero of the village

From now on, dangerous raids will happen in Minecraft If the user decides to protect the residents rather than stay away, then he will have to survive several waves of attacks.

Keep in mind that the participants of the raid are getting stronger every time. And new waves are calling more and more inhabitants to the map.

As soon as morning comes, the title hero of the village will automatically appear on the screen.

This is a new achievement, which in Minecraft PE gives some advantages during trading. You will receive a discount from merchants and residents with a profession.


Previously, the bell was only available in experimental mode. However, in Minecraft, the block is generated as part of the village.

When the robbers approach, the villagers run up to the bell in order to notify other townspeople of the impending disaster.

Cartographer’s desk

In Minecraft PE, the cartographer’s table is installed next to the master’s house.

The device is used to create maps, or to rename canvases. The recipe for creating a block is as follows: paper and any boards.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
Download Minecraft Beta

Xbox + Servers

Version Beta


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