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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Beta version MCPE for Android. Get it for free



Download Minecraft PE 1.100.4 for Android: create a stone cutter and process blocks, get new achievements related to the inhabitants of the village.

What is noteworthy added to Minecraft PE 1.100.4?

Minecraft 1.100.4 is the second and last pre–build released for update 1.10. Most of the new products are observed in the technical field of the add-on.

Therefore, the developers focused more on correcting critical errors. Their list includes:

  • the texture of the blacksmith’s table has been changed in accordance with the PC version;
  • The cat can be cured with raw salmon and cod;
  • villages have acquired a new species that directly depends on the biome;
  • users who have disabled the script system will now see the corresponding notification;
  • improved the wording of messages for players;
  • the error with shadows has been removed.


You can meet a robber almost everywhere. The fact is that in Minecraft PE, mobs are not particularly whimsical to environmental conditions, which causes them to wander from biome to biome.

The heroes travel in the company of five exactly the same opponents. Malware attacks any living creatures that they see in their path, in particular the main character.

Opponents can participate in raids and arrange patrols in some locations.

In the company of robbers, there will always be one ruiner who acts as a guard.


A stone cutter is a masterful device that in Minecraft can be used to finish blocks.

If you don’t like the original appearance of the mineral, then it doesn’t matter. Simply place the object inside the machine and select the appropriate shape. The stone cutter will soon produce polished and smooth steps.


Minecraft PE has two new achievements: the hero of the village and a bad omen.

What kind of achievement you get depends on the actions taken during the raid.

With the complete destruction of the village, the stigma of trouble will appear with the second achievement, and during the help provided, the user will receive the title of hero.

This is a beta version. Make backup copies of the worlds.
Download Minecraft Beta

Xbox + Servers

Version Beta

  • Working Xbox Live

    More detailed

    Free login to your Xbox Live account is available. No restrictions.

  • Working servers without Xbox Live

    More detailed

    To log in to the server, you no longer need to log in to your Xbox Live account. You can simply change your nickname and start the game on the server.


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