MCPE Master



At the moment, there are many add-ons for the game on the Internet that greatly simplify the gameplay. Each add-on has certain functions and features, and today we present you the best program for Minecraft on Android: Master for Minecraft-Launcher – an application that contains a huge functionality. It is impossible to imagine what else can be added here? On this page you can always find a free hack of MCPE Master.


I think you all know a popular application called BlockLaucher PRO. Recently, it has lost its value, because a lot has changed in the game. Today we can safely say: MCPE Master is the best replacement for the outdated BlockLauncher, because here you will find all the functions from BlockLauncher and even more.

What can I find in the app? To begin with, after logging in to the application, you will see a very user-friendly interface. Various additions are updated here daily. “What can I download in Master for Minecraft?” – you ask. We will boldly answer you what you can download here:

  • Maps sorted by category
  • Skins, among which you will choose what you need
  • Textures of the best quality
  • Mods that change the mechanics of the game (ModPE scripts)
  • Addons for the latest versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Sids with unique generations
  • Change character settings
  • Give the character any items with the enchantment effects you need
  • Change the weather
  • And much more..

The launcher was terminated on 27.09.19

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