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Maps: Lots of mini-games

Maps: Lots of mini-games



Mini Game Map is a collection of 23 mini-games for playing Minecraft with friends. The build supports multiplayer mode so that each player can invite their best friends and play all 23 exciting games with them.

List of Spliff mini-games

  • TNT split
  • PvP Arena
  • Sumo
  • Horse race
  • Sheep shearing
  • TNT Ran
  • Maze of Fear
  • Moborezka
  • BedWars
  • Hide and seek
  • Bridge Builder
  • The right tool
  • Maze
  • King of the Mountain
  • Parkour
  • Party Block
  • Rain from anvils (not recommended on weak devices)
  • Flight on elitras
  • Minefield
  • Dropper
  • Descent
  • Piston Puzzle

Interesting features

  • Moborezka can be played even in single player mode
  • Cool lobby
  • The names of the players in the maze are hidden to improve the gameplay
  • Armor in PvP is dressed automatically (except diamond armor enchanted for indestructibility 1000)
  • Added options to adjust settings
  • In the mini-game “Sumo” the edges will disappear
  • The maze can be played by 1 player

There is also a scoring system that will help determine the winner! If you suddenly find an error, write to the creator of the map – link.


Changes in the new version

  • New mini-games
  • Fixed bugs

Download maps Lots of mini-games (.mcworld)


[7.93 Mb]

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