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Maps: City of Newisle

Maps: City of Newisle



Anyone who comes across the City of Newisle map for the first time will never believe that all this is the work of one user who decided to create the impossible in Minecraft. More than 500 unique buildings, an automatic metro system of 12 lines, streets with names, several small towns nearby and much more. The creation is designed for survival, role-playing or exploration.


  • Hundreds of buildings and structures with fully designed interiors and exteriors
  • 12 metro lines, highway systems and rural railway lines
  • Road maps and streets with names
  • Historical and modern districts
  • Schools, shops and other buildings for role-playing games
  • 7 unique cities and villages to explore

The goal of the developer when designing the town of Newisle was to develop a city that would delight everyone who looks at it. But a lot of time has passed since then, and a simple town has become an extensive network of detailed, detailed structures that were created by just one person.

No, New York is not one of the typical towns that are created on a one-to-one scale, but are essentially empty. This city was created specifically for the Minecraft Pocket Edition game . Here the player is expected to find filled shops, apartment buildings, office skyscrapers, transit lines and much more that will make everyone feel life in the town. Use the map for survival, role-playing games with friends or just for exploring – the city will inspire you to do things and give you a bunch of new ideas.

From the first years of its existence in the form of cobblestone roads and wooden houses, the city has undergone minor changes. Now the area is not only dotted with apartment skyscrapers, but also filled with monuments, railway lines and a bunch of attractions. But the author did not do with one town – the area around the city is also not empty: independent towns and villages far from the center with their own atmosphere and history.

Be sure to explore the city without sparing time.

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