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Maps: Biomes Parkour

Maps: Biomes Parkour



Biomes Parkour is a parkour map consisting of 10 levels, each of which is one of the biomes of Minecraft PE. To complete a level and move on to another, you need, starting from the very bottom, to reach the platform leading to a new biome. Parkour is quite easy, so it is recommended for beginners. But even if you are used to masterfully passing one map after another, Biomes Parkour will test your skills – try not to fall once!


As you can see in the screenshots, the usual jumps from block to block, from floor to ceiling, are required to complete parkour. After 10-15 blocks, the next level comes in the form of a random Minecraft PE biome. No ice or cacti – enjoy the passage of this interesting map!

Download Biomes Parkour (.mcworld)


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    Download 2 way to install Biomes Parkour (.zip)


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