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IronMan Mod for Minecraft PE



Download IronMan Mod for Minecraft PE on Android should every fan of the Marvel movie universe or even old-school comics. Stark’s suit endows players with fantastic abilities. One of the most obvious benefits is the ability to literally fly (not hover!). With the IronMan mod you can try on this technological marvel straight from the comics. The suit can be used as armor, and a companion who will walk behind you and eliminate all aggressive creatures.

After installing the mod you need to enter the game and execute the command /function 42.

After executing the command, Mark 42 and Suit Activator will appear in the player’s hands.

To spoon the armor, use the Mark 42 item.

Then you need to assemble the parts of the suit using the Suit Activator item.

After assembling the suit, it will work in automatic mode, i.e. it will follow the player and kill everything that moves.

To put on items, you need to remove the Suit Auto Mode item and interact with the armor.

To equip the armor, you need to interact with the Call Suit.

At the end, you’ll get the Remove Suit item to remove the suit.

Flight Function

Main Screen


  • Blows up and sets enemies on fire
  • Does not set fire or break blocks


Stark Computer

  • Use the blueprint in this block

Suit Maker

  • Creates a costume that the computer has given you
  • You must place the computer and the creator side by side


  • Used to move mechanisms

Armor effects

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Regeneration
  • Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Night Vision
  • Immunity to Darkness

Armor slot locking

  • Armor can be locked in place so that it cannot be removed.

Handheld Missiles

  • Blows up blocks, but does not set them on fire.

Trackable Missiles

  • Automatically selects a mob and flies to it to detonate.
  • 5 rockets total

Mark 5 suit


Download IronMan Mod

  • 1.20.30

[42.06 KB]

Download IronMan Mod (Textures)

  • 1.20.30

[221.37 KB]

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