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How to Get Netherite in Minecraft PE?



Mining netherite is similar to mining diamonds. The ore does not appear often, but it is very useful!

Ancient Debris

It is necessary to mine ancient debris. They appear in Hell. Ore is spun at any height in Hell. But the best place to look for it is at the level of 8-22 blocks. The ore can only be obtained with diamond and nether-pickaxe. If you mine ore with another pickaxe, nothing will fall out.


Crafting is the second step of mining the ore you are looking for. The first step is to smelt the ancient debris. You will get netherite scrap.


To obtain an ingot of neserite you need:

  • x4 Nether-scrap
  • x4 Gold ingot

Interesting facts

  • Ancient debris is not destroyed when hit by lava;
  • ancient debris are explosion proof blocks, but can be moved with a piston;
  • it’s a unique ore that can only be obtained via a diamond or nether-pickaxe.
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