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Fredbear’s Family Diner 1983 for Minecraft PE



Download Fredbear’s Family Diner 1983 for Minecraft PE on Android and get imbued with a unique horror experience in a cubic setting.

This mod is another version of animatronics in the vastness of Minecraft. Fredbear’s Family Diner is a small location that appears in the game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” in the third and fourth parts. This add-on is significantly different from other similar builds. Here you will be able to control animatronics at a great distance from them. Use the mobs to create your own maps or just fight them.

Keep in mind the experimental settings: you need to enable them in the game settings.

The build contains:

  • Freddy 1983
  • Bonnie 1983
  • Chica 1983
  • Foxy 1983
  • Fredber 1983
  • Spring Bonnie 1983
  • Remote control of animatronics
  • Save animatronic
  • Free movement mode
  • Item for building structures
  • Costumes with spring locks

Remote Control

First, pick up a redstone and use it on the animatronic. The mob will start making sounds and blink its eyes. Now the animatronic is turned on. Then you need to use the controller on the robot: after that, the player will get a lot of buttons to control the mobs.

Saving the animatronic

If you interact with the animatronic using the chest, it will appear in the inventory.

Free Movement Mode

Interact with the animatronic with a redstone and then a redstone torch: it will go into free mode.

Item for building structures

This is a computer that allows you to build a pizza shop. Set up the unit, and then get the blueprints for the pizzeria. You can then use the blueprints anywhere to spiff up the structure.

Spring-Locked Suits

Turns the player into an animatronic, but cannot be worn for too long: if the countdown reaches zero, there will be problems. The costume is worn for only a minute during this time the player will gain health and damage, but will slow down. You can’t remove the suit by yourself you need to use a crowbar.


Download Fredbear's Family Diner 1983 Addon

  • 1.17+

[29.35 MB]

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