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Fantastic Additions Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Fantastic Additions Mod for Minecraft PE on Android and get at your disposal the richest set of damn useful things that will make life in the harsh cubic world a lot easier. And these things are available not only in creative, but also in survival mode.

What is included in the mod?

  • Flyer artifact: the character will be able to fly upwards with a simple squat.
  • Item Transportation Box: a high-tech container that can move things from one point to another.
  • Pulse Glove: scatter enemies with a closet item!
  • Pulse Glove+: a more powerful version of the above glove.
  • Slime Slingshot: throws the character backwards.
  • Slime Slippers: the character will be able to jump higher and not fear damage from falls.
  • Slime Slingshot (purple): a perfect version of the regular slime slingshot.
  • Dynamite Cannon: a weapon that fires dynamite charges (DANGER!).
  • Automatic Crossbow: forget about the delay in firing!
  • Bone of Absolute: wolf gets infinite upgrades.
  • NPC Invader: enslaves enemies who have little HP left.
  • Improved NPC Invader: Improved version of the regular Invader.

Download Fantastic Additions Mod

  • 1.20.50

[64.56 KB]

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