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Family Life Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Family Life Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and add to your favorite game a lot of new mobs that will be naturally generated in all biomes. With them you will be able to discuss your problems, start a family and even have children. If you became bored and want to socialize, then be sure to pay attention to this addition.

Family mod will allow you to freely communicate with all the new characters. To do this, you will need to press the key that appears after fixing the sight on the NPC and a special window will open, where you can choose one of several options for interaction:

  • Share an interesting story – the mob will randomly show romantic interest, offer to be friends or become happy.
  • Tell a joke – if it is to your liking, the character will gain happiness, and if not, he will lose it.
  • Flirt – here as luck would have it, you can create a family or on the contrary get a negative response.
  • A random line that will provoke the same random feeling in the character.
  • Make a gift – you can choose which item you want to present, and if you guess with the gift, the character will show genuine interest and perhaps a romantic relationship will erupt.
  • Shake hands – in this way you can get a reliable friend.
  • Kiss – the first step to a loving relationship, or vice versa.

To independently get acquainted with all the new characters, make a friendship with them, and possibly a family, you need to download the Family Life mod. At the same time, do not forget to view a special state book, which will indicate useful information about the favorite items of each of the characters and their preferences.


Download Family Life Addon

  • 1.20.50 - 1.20.60+

[212.51 KB]

Download Family Life Addon (Textures)

  • 1.20.50 - 1.20.60+

[595.36 KB]

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