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Expansive Biomes Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Expansive Biomes Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and  diversify the game with 20 new biomes, which have their own unique landscape, plants, trees and animals. Modification for those who are bored with the standard biomes and want the effect of novelty.


  • Swamp: Slightly different from the standard biome with trees and water color.
  • Lush Desert: Hot climate. The terrain is covered with red sand. Only grass and cacti grow.
  • Lakes: More bodies of water.
  • Grasslands: Plains with minimal vegetation.
  • Tropics: Beach biome. Palm trees with coconuts and grass. Everything is covered with sand. Volcanic Plains: A rare bom. It contains lava geysers and basalt pillars. The surface is covered with rock, basalt and cooling rock. You must wait up to 20 minutes after loading the world to see the geyser eruptions. Cherry Forest: There are flowers and trees with cherry trees growing.
  • Mushroom Forest: It looks like a mushroom island. There are mushrooms of various sizes and shapes growing in it.
  • Pumpkin Plains: A plain with pumpkins and bushes.
  • Mountain Jungle: A jungle with mountains.
  • Pine forest: Pine trees, spruce trees and bushes grow. There is also a snow covered version of the biome.
  • Black Sand Coast: A coast covered with black sand. Appears along with volcanic plains.
  • Swamp: A plain covered with mud. There is grass growing. There is water.
  • Mountainous terrain: Hills with grass and flowers.
  • Lavender Grove: Lavender and lavender trees grow.
  • Alps: Large mountains covered with snow.
  • Dunes: Desert with hills of sand and valleys.
  • Pine Forest: Pine trees and ferns grow. There is a snow biome option.
  • Cold Desert: Plains covered with ice in some places. Cold Biome.
  • Canyon: Covered with hardened mud and grass. Small pine trees grow.
  • Frozen Mountain: Lakes covered with ice. Mountain pines grow.
  • Pendula Forest: Forest with bushes and birch trees.
  • Sequoia Forest: Ferns, shrubs and tall sequoias are growing.

New blocks

  • Solidified Mud and Mud
  • Cooling Stone (emits smoke particles)
  • Small Cactus
  • Lavender Flower
  • Cherry blossom leaves
  • Cherry logs, planks and door (no support for double doors)
  • Leaves, Logs, Planks and Jacaranda Door (no double door support)


  • Coconut
  • Cherry


  • Swamp Skeleton and Zombie: They live in swamps. These are standard mobs with a modified appearance.

Download Expansive Biomes Addon

  • 1.20.30 - 1.20.50

[760.43 KB]

Download Expansive Biomes Addon (Textures)

  • 1.20.30 - 1.20.50

[4.54 MB]

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