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Entity 303 Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Entity 303 Mod for Minecraft PE on Android and add to your game a creature called Entity303, which has become a legend almost on a level with Herobrin. This creepy monster hasn’t been heard of in a while, but it’s back again with the Entity303 mod. The add-on includes a new boss that will fight the player in MCPE.

An extremely strong mob that is capable of killing the player at a great distance.


  • Entity 303 is a custom entity (does not replace classic mobs/entities in the game)
  • Added health bar with the name of the mob on the screen
  • Mob constantly changes its attack range

Types of long-range attack:

  • Mob shoots a bunch of fireballs
  • Mob attacks with a bunch of large fireballs with rain effects
  • Creature uses sage bullets
  • Summons 3 desiccant skeletons
  • Shoots dragon fireballs
  • Throws TNT blocks
  • Boss spawns using the Star of the Lower World (after killing the
  • Exterminator, of course)
  • Clone summoning
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Call of Spikes

Sword Entity 303

The sword is made from the Entity 303 star, which will be discussed below. It is a powerful sword for fighting with mobs. The weapon does not replace the classic sword types. The user’s attack will increase by 50 units, as well as particles will appear.

If you place the sword in the crafting inventory, you can get the Entity 303 star.

Entity 303 Star

To obtain this valuable item, you must either kill an Entity 303 creature or an Exterminator and then craft an Entity 303 star from a Lower World star.

In recent updates, the developer added the ability to summon clones for the boss. In addition, the creature is able to summon lightning bolts in a small circle, and when the mob becomes evil, it starts to spawn spikes that disappear for 6 seconds.

Now the boss can be spun even in survival mode! Watch the video to see how to summon the mob.

The author decided to give users a funny Easter egg. To unlock this feature, follow the pictures below:

After crafting the double cake, take the item in your hands and press the button that appears.

Once you press the button, something will appear in the world. Let’s leave the intrigue for users to check everything in the game.


Download Entity 303 Mod

  • 1.2.0 - 1.20.32

[4.30 MB]

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