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DLCRAFT Mod for Minecraft PE



If you are not satisfied with the usual survival mode, then you definitely need to download DLCRAFT Mod for Minecraft PE on Android! The pumping system, bosses and role-playing – a real RPG survival awaits you.

Key Points

  • You can’t get wood right away
  • Removed natural regeneration: you have to heal with patches and pills
  • Randomized spawn point if the point is not tied to one location
  • Night sieges: monsters spawn even more often at night
  • Ruins, structures and dungeons
  • Level and ability system
  • New bosses
  • Mobs with unique features: normal mobs will sometimes appear with powerful effects.
  • Infected parasites
  • New items and weapons
  • New magic items
  • New spells and potions
  • Rewards in villages

Download DLCraft Mod

  • 1.20.50

[12.69 MB]

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