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Damage Indicators Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Damage Indicator for Minecraft PE on Android and turn your game into a real RPG! Many players want to see how much damage was inflicted on the enemy, which is what this addon shows.

The functions of the addon

  • Shows the damage dealt to the enemy, as well as the amount of healing
  • Accurately displays HP
  • Disappears when not in use
  • Maximum distance of damage display is 20 blocks
  • Available in 3 options: health bar, heart icon, and a combination of the two.
  • Contains resource pack

Health Bar

  • Green: 50 – 100% HP
  • Yellow: 25 – 49% HP
  • Red: 1 – 24% HP
  • The scale can display a maximum of 999 HP


The addon displays the health of the object, not the damage. Thus, if the damage dealt exceeds the remaining life of the entity, the damage displayed is the remaining life, not the actual damage.
The maximum damage can be displayed is 100. Any value greater than this will be shown as “100”.


Download Damage Indicators Addon

  • 1.16.0 - 1.20.32


Supported versions
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