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Commands Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Commands Mod for mobile Minecraft PE to your Android device if you’re tired of typing stuff in chat! This mod allows you to save any command and run it with a click of a button! Multiplayer is supported! Compatible with all other addons!

  • This mod adds into the game an item that can invoke a list where you can run, add, edit, delete commands and more!
  • Re-execute a command! By just one button, you can execute your command as many times as you want! The delay between executions is adjustable!
  • Great customization! Color of commands in buttons, sort order, displaying the result of execution in chat and more!
  • Coop included! Only operators can access the menu!
  • Fully compatible with any other mods!

Download Commands Mod

  • 1.19 - 1.20+

[33.72 KB]

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