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Chetty’s Waypoints Addon for Minecraft PE

Chetty’s Waypoints Addon for Minecraft PE



If it’s hard for you to navigate the world of Minecraft or you would like to mark some important place on the map, then you definitely need to download Chetty’s Waypoints for Minecraft PE on Android. The addon allows you to mark important points on the map and easily navigate to them.


To use a book, you need to interact with it. After that, a menu will open in which there will be items “parameters” and “view all locations”.

Once you have the marked points, you just need to click on it and you teleport to it.


This section shows a number of options that are available in this add-on.

New location

This option will allow you to add new locations and add various settings to them.

Deleting locations

This function will allow you to delete the location you don’t need.

Changing the location

In this section you can change the name of the location and the color of the text.


This option allows you to visualize another series of options. This will allow the operator to maintain the best control in the world. To access the operator’s functions, use the “IsoP” tag. Use the command “tag [player_name] add IsoP”.

Deleting a location

This function works similarly to the previous one. The difference is that the operator can delete absolutely all points of the location. it doesn’t matter if they are personal, the operator can delete them without any problems.

Location Restriction

This function will allow you to change the number of locations per player. By default, the player has 32 location points. Maximum value, 128 points.

Viewing private locations

In this option, you can see the private locations of the players and teleport to them.

View all places

In this section you can see all the places marked by all the players. Only public points are visible.

The blue dot is private and the white dot is public.


Download Chetty's Waypoints

  • 1.20+

[10.54 KB]

Download Chetty's Waypoints Textures

  • 1.20+

[79.14 KB]

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