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Cape Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE on Android to expand the standard set of classic items in your cubic world, diluting them with a few dozen capes. They can be colored at your discretion, applying any dye, and to change the pattern, you will need to use the desired component on the cape:

  • Cake will allow you to apply a festive pattern.
  • A diamond sword will be suitable for warriors.
  • A golden pickaxe will become a symbol of a real digger of minerals.
  • White wool will transform a monotone color into a rainbow canvas.
  • The spider’s eye will symbolize a real winner of monsters.

The rest of the recipes can be found independently. To put it on top of the existing equipment, you will just need to approach him and sit down.

Perhaps you would like a superman cape? No one limits you in fantasy and ways of recoloring. Just download the mod Wearable Cape Banners and start creating the desired cape. Mod on capes will emphasize the individuality of the appearance of your game character and boast before other inhabitants of the world of Minecraft PE stylish accessory.


Download Cape Mod

  • 1.11.0 - 1.20.41

[1.38 MB]

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