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Buildings: Tree-House



Description of the building

As a child, everyone tried to build a den out of snow or a small hut made of branches. But the most cherished dream was a tree house. In life, few people manage to build it, so we suggest trying at least in Minecraft PE!
We present a ready-made version of a secretive tree house. Nothing is noticeable from the outside. Inside the crown of the tree there is a small, cozy room with a basic set of necessary things. The player can safely live in such a place.

No stairs are used for lifting. The author replaced it with vines, which will give additional secrecy. We recommend installing this building next to the jungle, since the tree is stylized exactly for this biome.

Download scheme simple-jungle-tree.schematic


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    Download scheme


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      Download scheme Bedrock simple-jungle-tree.mcworld


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