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Buildings: Small House MC



Description of the building

Houses in Minecraft play an important role. There, players store resources and catch their breath after battles. Some prefer to live in a five-story building, and others in smaller versions. There are even those who like super small houses. We have prepared a cool option especially for them.

We present a small house for the world of Minecraft. It’s very small. From the outside it looks like a small annex, but inside there is absolutely everything you need.

This house is suitable for a temporary home. Or it can be installed far from home, where the player usually gets resources. It is also well suited for residents.

Supported version: Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Download the diagram small-house.schematic


    [413 b]

    Download the map Java


      [4.19 Mb]

      Download the map Bedrock small-house.mcworld


        [4.63 Mb]

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