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Buildings: Mechanical House



Supported version: Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Description of the building

Dreams of a posh house settle in the very first minutes of playing Minecraft PE. But it’s not that simple. Players have to spend a lot of time on the arrangement. Besides, not everyone has the skills to do this.
We present a ready-made version in the form of a huge, mechanical house for the cubic world. It is completely stuffed with mechanisms that will help manage everything in the house. For example, you can adjust the carpets on the floor and even open and close windows. There are small waterfalls that can be turned on and off.

This house is an example of a player’s hard work. Since its construction took more than one week. The author even took care of comfortable movement around the house: there are elevators and transporters.


Download scheme modern-redstone.schematic


[21.56 Kb]

Download scheme Java


[5.15 Mb]

Download scheme Bedrock modern-redstone.mcworld


[5.44 Mb]

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