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Buildings: Creeper Farm



Description of the building

In Minecraft, some of the useful resources are extracted from mobs. For example, gunpowder, which is used in crafting. Constant hunting for green, dangerous mobs is tiring, so we offer a solution in the form of this scheme.

This farm will allow players to breed creepers and collect loot from them in the game. Everything happens automatically, it remains only to collect loot. The farm consists of three main parts: a place where mobs spawn, a tunnel and a loot collection point (a chest from below).

Keep in mind that the building will spawn above the plane of the world. From time to time there will be loot from other monsters that appear in the dark.

Supported version: Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Download the diagram creeper-farm.schematic


    [7.62 Kb]

    Download the map Java


      [3.39 Mb]

      Download the map Bedrock creeper-farm.mcworld


        [39.37 Mb]

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