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ArathNido’s FNAF Addon for Minecraft PE



Download ArathNido’s FNAF addon for Minecraft PE on Android and recreate your own Freddy’s pizzeria on the expanses of Minecraft. For this there is everything you need: quality furniture, decorative blocks and, of course, the animatronics themselves. These creatures will make survival interesting, so invite your friends and go on an exciting journey to Freddy.

Animatronics will attack you at night: their aggressiveness is shown in their red eyes. If you see red dots, it is recommended to run away.

If the mobs will attack you, you will have to kill him, otherwise you will not be able to escape.

From the Animatronics will drop furniture inventory, in which you can buy decorations. You can also purchase Surveillance Cameras.

Surveillance Cameras

Can be placed everywhere and watched from the screen.

Doors and lights

Stage curtains

Animatronic costume


Download ArathNido's FNAF Addon

  • 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0

[5.06 MB]

Supported versions
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